Posted by: beyonddinner | November 15, 2008

Why I’m here

My name is Tracy and I’m a 42-year-old wife and mother of two. Over the past few years I’ve become increasingly interested in food – what I eat, where it comes from, how it’s prepared, how it affects health, how it affects mood, and how food systems affect the environment, community, and the economy. I see how the typical American deals with food as a major cause of so many of our societal ills. I don’t consider myself radical, but I’ve definitely made major changes away from the typical American diet. These days I’m interested in expanding my relationship to these issues beyond the scope of changing just my family’s meals, thus taking my interest beyond the dinner table.

I want this blog to be a record of my growth around addressing food issues: what I learn in this journey and the actions I choose to take. I find it easy to lose track of progress, so by writing down I hope to gain perspective over a period of time. I’m choosing to do this in a public way for a couple of reasons – one, to make myself accountable (even if no one ever reads this!), and two, if a record of my ordinary journey helps another person take their own steps towards a sustainable food life – what a bonus!



  1. I think a good book about our diet and its effect on the environment/community is Howard Lyman’s Mad Cowboy (see He too turned his life around and found he looked at food in a whole new way.

    Good luck with your blog!

  2. Thanks for the book recommendation – I’ve already requested it from the Library and look forward to reading it. Take care, Tracy

  3. I love the blog. I’m also interested in sustainable farming, vegetarianism, and growing our own food. I’m delighted you are writing on these topics. Thank you!

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