Posted by: beyonddinner | November 18, 2008

Parade Magazine

This past Sunday the insert in the paper, Parade Magazine, ran a feature called “What America Really Eats“. Along the side there was a related article about Brian Williams’ diet.

I was disappointed by the Brian Williams piece, which prompted me to write the following letter to the editor:

Dear Parade,

I’m confused about your yearly (?) feature “What America Really Eats”. The magazine reports on a poll of American tastes and other food-related issues and shares some positive changes in habits, like preparing more meals from scratch, eating dinner together as a family, and planting more vegetable gardens. But next to the feature you seem to aggrandize some celebrity who goes against the trends. In 2006 you included Jay Leno who joked about not eating a vegetable since the 60’s. This year it’s Brian Williams who thinks he doesn’t need to worry about his health even though he needs Lipitor for dessert. I would love to see celebrities who match the good habits that Americans are trying to attain, perhaps one who strives to eat a balanced diet and who may be eating out less like the rest of us.


Tracy Gabridge


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