Posted by: beyonddinner | November 22, 2008

This stuff makes me sick

In Friday’s Boston Globe there’s an article: “Mom’s for McDonald’s: Fast Food Giant Recruits Support from Parents.”

How far will McDonald’s go to promote their unhealthy food? Pretty far it seems since they are making an effort to get some moms on their side by saying things like, “They [french fries] are a really good source of fiber.” Thankfully, some of the moms in the article made replies like, “Once you throw them in grease, you kind of ruin it.”

Also disturbing is the picture included, showing mostly African-American women – with the implication that these are the moms that McDonald’s is going after.

It would be cool if McDonald’s global nutrition director decided to use her marketing skills to do good in the world rather than perpetuate this kind of awfulness.


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