Posted by: beyonddinner | December 15, 2008

Fantasy Farm

Pat and I have a fantasy to own our own little farm someday. I know this makes us the latest cliche – there seems to be a news article every week about some city slickers making a go of it on an organic farm somewhere, but I don’t care :-). I read them all avidly.

Way back in the 90’s, I read and enjoyed books by Helen and Scott Nearing and David Kline, about living simply, being self-sufficient and enjoying nature around you. I think our fantasy farm is rooted in these early readings and our recent conversion to a plant-based, whole-foods diet.

We’ve enjoyed our community garden and it’s really great to eat very fresh, just-picked veggies. So every once in awhile I go browse farm and land for sale and imagine what it would be like to grow our own food.

Our fantasy farm is really a fantasy garden on our own plot of land rather than a commercial farm and I suppose this fantasy is an inevitable outcome of living in an urban condo with no land to speak of.

So here are two farms for sale that look really good to us (I suppose the links will only be good for as long as the properties are for sale):

Our fantasy farm would have the following characteristics:

  • We could buy it in cash (not the case with the two listed above!)
  • We could produce fruit (blueberries, raspberries, apples, pears, peaches, plums, etc.)
  • We could have a very large vegetable garden.
  • It would have outbuildings already built.
  • It would have a house, not too large, in decent shape
  • It would have the potential of being off the grid for energy and water consumption.
  • It would have a woodlot and a source of water.
  • It would be located within biking distance of a town.
  • It would probably have between 10 an 30 acres.

At this point in our lives it’s pure fantasy because we like where we live right now. Both of our kids are happy and the schools are fantastic. We’ve worked hard to finally get the school situation right. Also, I enjoy my job, it pays a decent wage and we get benefits.

I suspect that this would become a reality farm in a couple of ways. One, if my husband hit the big time with his writing and had a best seller or something, we could afford to purchase our fantasy farm as a 2nd house and go live there during the summers while the kids are in school. Two, we could wait until the kids are out of school (in about 10 years) and move to the country. Three, if some very close friends decided they wanted to do it with us we could figure out how to do it together. Four, if some amazing job opened up to me at a different university, also with amazing schools and a diverse population, not too far from family, with inexpensive real estate – that might be a possibility – but of all four cases, this last one is probably the least probable :-).

It sure is fun to think about, but in the mean time, I’ll keep working on urban farming possibilities.


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