Posted by: beyonddinner | December 21, 2008

Sources of seeds

After reading Square Foot Gardening, I read Michael Pollan’s Second Nature. He has a chapter about seed companies that was fun to read. I never really thought about the personalities of seed companies before! At the same time Sharon Astyk posted about seeds. All this input has gotten me excited about seeds and planting for next spring – and here it isn’t even Christmas yet and there’s more than 10 inches of snow on the ground. Here’s a list of seed companies that I’m intrigued about. I’ve ordered catalogs from as many as a I can.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds (we ordered from them this year) (Maine)

Pinetree Garden Seeds (Maine)

FedCo Seeds (Maine)

High Mowing Seeds (Vermont)

Sand Hill Preservation Center (Midwest)

Vermont Bean Seed Company (Vermont)

Seeds of Change (New Mexico)(we ordered from them this year)

Cook’s Garden (Pennsylvania)

J. L. Hudson Seeds (California)

Organica Seed (Massachusetts) – Thanks for the addition Ellen!



  1. To your list, you might add:
    Organica seed, a wonderful local (Massachusetts) company. We ordered seed from them last summer and it came quickly, with excellent instructions, and germinated beautifully — all organic.
    Thanks for mentioning Second Nature, a really important book for anyone who wants to be a steward of the earth, particularly if they have the good fortune to be a gardener.

  2. Hi Tracy,

    What an interesting blog!! just emailed me about you. So cool.. I was telling Robin – 20 years since our first days at AT&T.. all very interesting turns. Email me back :).

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