Posted by: beyonddinner | January 3, 2009

My husband coaches my daughter’s soccer team and this past season the soccer families thanked Pat for all his efforts by giving him a generous gift certificate to a local restaurant, The Fireplace.

We went earlier this week and are so thankful for the gift – the food was terrific! On the menu there was a little icon with the web site listed. It turns out that the Fireplace is dinegreen certified. The Green Restaurant Association awards certification to restaurants who make green choices in running their operations. The Fireplace has completed 18 steps of the certification process and has pledged to do four more steps each year. Some of the steps completed include installing water saver spray hoses, energy efficient lighting, using takeout containers made of recycled materials, and sourcing some food from organic and/or local providers, etc.

Before noticing the dinegreen icon, I did notice that the menu included a lot of seasonal and New England type food – pumpkin, squash, cod, crab, lobster, hardy greens, New England cheeses, etc. According to this Boston Globe article they form relationships with local food producers, like mushroom foragers, clam diggers, and vegetable and fruit farms. They even recycle their used vegetable oil to a company that uses it for fuel.

I’m glad to know about this certification and I plan to look for it some more. All that thoughtfulness in their operations showed up in the quality and deliciousness of our dinners.


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