Posted by: beyonddinner | January 3, 2009

Things I’d like to do

As we get started on a new year I thought I’d start a running brainstorming list for myself with things I can do about food and sustainable food systems.

Here goes:

  • Get soil at our community garden tested to understand how we might want to amend it.
  • Contact the garden organizer at the Larz Anderson Park Community Garden to get a sense of Brookline’s gardening community and if there are any groups around trying to start up new community gardens.
  • Get on the Boston Natural Areas Network mailing list
  • Go to at least one BNAN event
  • Visit more local farms
  • Find and begin patronizing closer vendors of whole grains and beans
  • Plan out the garden using square foot gardening principles.
  • Use only open pollinated seed varieties.
  • Begin our growing system by starting some seeds indoors.
  • Extend our growing season by creating one simple cold frame.
  • Can some of our own garden harvest.
  • Buy some in season food in bulk from a local farmer and preserve it for use in the winter.
  • Collect some seeds from our garden to use next year.
  • Learn about agriculture initiatives in the state of Massachusetts. Find organizations and groups that I want to follow and/or join.
  • Post at least once or twice a week in this blog about my progress.
  • Investigate natural methods for managing pests in our garden.
  • Investigate more urban farming initiatives and methods.
  • Monitor what’s happening at the USDA to understand what’s happening at a national level.
  • Write letters/contact my government representatives on food issues of importance to me.
  • Start a composting bin at home outside
  • Keep indulging in our farm fantasy and think about how to apply what we learn locally and in an urban location.
  • Get a group of like-minded people together to chat about this stuff.
  • Patronize a couple of restaurants that specialize in locally grown food.
  • Do a community food audit, a la the recommendation in the book Grub.
  • Compile a list of books I want to read about gardening, farming, and sustainable food systems.

This is a giant list! One thing at a time – I’ll report my progress on the blog as I go.



  1. Dear Beyond Dinner,

    I love your “to do” list for 2009 and invite you to look at the work CISA (Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture) is doing. Although our organization is primarily focused on western Massachusetts, we have been a model for other buy local ag organizations throughout the country.

    Good luck on your “chores.”

  2. Thanks for visiting here! I like the sound of CISA – it makes me wish I were living in western Mass. I added a link to CISA to the side bar.

  3. If you start that group of people to talk about this stuff, please include me! Your list is inspirational.

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