Posted by: beyonddinner | February 8, 2009

Souper Bowl I

Pat and I just returned from a great event organized by the Boston Localvores – Souper Bowl I, an event  to showcase soups prepared with local ingredients and to also support the Haley House Cafe in Roxbury.

The soups were awesome!  Here’s the menu:

  • Saigon Soup
  • Jota
  • Potatoes and Greens
  • Apple Rutabaga
  • Lentil Mushroom
  • Grass-fed Chili

Kudos to all of the chefs!  We enjoyed every single one (yes, we tried all six, and I’m never going to eat again).

There was also locally brewed beer from Cambridge Brewing Company, Taza Chocolate, Real Pickles, Iggy’s Bread, and Fiore di Nonno Mozzarella.

Best of all were all the people we met who are interested in the same issues I am.  How refreshing!  We had conversations about gardening, CSA’s, worm composting, local farmer’s markets and more.  Fun stuff.  I’ll definitely look forward to more events from this group.

We also picked up information about a regional winter CSA that I think we will join, Enterprise Farm.  It’s funny that we heard about this just last night when we dined with some friends in Somerville.   This is a CSA that brings together foods from farms along the east coast so you can get things like citrus in the middle of winter in Boston, but it doesn’t have to come all the way across the country.


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