Posted by: beyonddinner | June 21, 2009

Food, Inc.!

Last night Pat and I saw Food, Inc. at the Kendall Square Cinema.  I loved it!  There wasn’t a lot of new information for us, but I could see how it’s a good treatment of the complexities of the food system for people who aren’t as familiar with the issues.

Pat and I talked about it for about an hour afterwards while sipping some local beer at the Cambridge Brewing Company – very fitting to do!

We both felt that it would be great to do more to exercise our consumer power to affect the system.  We could write letters to our government officials more often since our government has swung to supporting corporate interests more than the citizens.  We could try to spend a certain amount every week at the farmer’s office.  We could also keep working towards keeping processed food out of our house.   Without a doubt we’ll be encouraging friends and family to see the movie.


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