Posted by: beyonddinner | July 9, 2009

naturally raised meats and fast food

When we lived in Denver, Pat and I used to live near, and eat frequently at, one of the first few Chipotle Mexican Grills.  We loved it and in subsequent moves to Kansas City and Champaign, Illinois we would often wish that a Chipotle would open up near us.  Eventually we learned that they entered into a partnership with McDonalds and that cooled our enthusiasm for them.  We wrote them off and found other places to get our burrito fix.

That is until now.  I saw this Nightline story about them that said their partnership with McDonalds ended in 2006 and that they are working hard to find sources of sustainably raised meat.  So far they have partnerships with more than 1000 farmers, including Joel Salatin and Polyface Farms.

So, finally a fast food restaurant where we can eat the meat!  We did just that tonight for dinner.  We took our son to a movie this afternoon and treated ourselves to dinner at Chipotle’s.  It was delicious!


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