Posted by: beyonddinner | August 30, 2009

first ever canning attempt

I did it!  I’ve officially preserved some of our garden bounty.  Right now our wall o’ beans is producing like crazy, so I had a few pounds that we haven’t been able to incorporate into our meals.  So I followed this recipe and made these:


I think that I could have packed more beans in each one, but aren’t they beautiful?  The little brown dots are black mustard seeds that I put in along with a clove of garlic and pepper with the water/vinegar/salt mix.

This is one of the goals I posted back when I started this blog – to preserve some of what we’ve grown.

Getting ready to can the beans meant doing a little shopping.  First I got the jars and the jar-lifter-tool-thingie that allows you to get them out of the boiling water.  When I got home I measured all of our pots and horrors! none of our pots were tall enough for the quart jars.  Today I biked (see our Choosing No Car blog) over to a nearby kitchen/bath store where I got a lobster pot and got it home on my front bike basket with some ingenious bungee cord looping.

Coming soon, black beans from our garden!



  1. the beans look so yummy! canning your own food—you continue to impress, Trace.

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