Posted by: beyonddinner | October 4, 2009

Bags for grain

Last weekend, Noah, Pat and I took a drive to Shutesbury, to the home of the folks who are pulling together the grain and bean CSA.  They were having a sewing bee to make some bags to hold the grain and beans that they will be distributing soon.   Along with chatting and getting to know each other, we managed to also make a few bags.  Ella, their little girl, was adorable.  Noah was taken with the farm animals – Cole the giant, super-friendly, draft horse, the two sheep, the cat and the two dogs.  Pat and I enjoyed the company and seeing people really walking the talk – fun stuff!  We got to see the hand mill that they have at home that looks like it works great.

Here’s a picture of some drawstring grain bags I made at home to add to the pile.  The small bags hold about 5 pounds, while the large ones hold about 15.

100_2206The goal for this year is that every CSA member gets at least one homemade bag.  I like that idea!

We did learn this week that they will be able to accommodate the entire waiting list – so we are in to get about 150 pounds of locally grown grains and beans.  Woo hoo!


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