Posted by: beyonddinner | November 2, 2009

Preservation and garden updates

Pat and I have tried our hand at a couple of preservation projects this season.  We had a bumper crop of green beans, so we’ve frozen a bunch and pickled about 8 jars.  We also fermented a few jars of beets and made some pickles.

Frozen beans seem to be OK, though a couple of batches may have been blanched for too long.  The pickled beans are tasty, though next year I’ll have to cut back on the mustard seed used – it’s really strong in this batch!   We tried the pickles for the first time tonight and they are really good!  We’ll definitely have to make many more next year.  The fermented beets, on the other hand, were a terrible failure.  They fermented just fine, but I guess they are an acquired taste.  My family has not acquired that taste yet – blech.

We have a bunch of herbs drying out in a bunch of paper bags on the tops of our cabinets.  We’ll probably be able to take those out soon and fill our spice jars and then some.  We also expect to have harvested seeds from our radishes, green beans, fennel plants, and cilantro.

Yesterday Pat made it to the garden and brought back another big harvest.  The greens are still going strong on Halloween!  We got collards, kale, chard, New Zealand spinach, cauliflower greens and one head of cauliflower.  Boy I wish we had planted more a little bit earlier in July/August for an even bigger and longer fall harvest.  We’ve missed out on a fall harvest of lettuce, spinach and beets for instance.

Still though – it’s been a nice fall for locally, sustainably produced food for us.



  1. And we’re so close on the lettuce and spinach that we did plant late–it’s all sprouted, but I don’t know if it’ll get big enough to harvest.

    We did plant garlic, too, but some creature dug up about half of it. The other half has sprouted, though.

    (The cucumber pickles are really good.)

  2. Read about how much food you & Patrick “put by” and…wow! Was that all from the 200′ garden or also from your CSA? I loved the garden this summer & look forward to meeting you through Bountiful Brookline.

  3. Hello Janey! The stuff we put up all came from our community garden with a little supplementation from the farmer’s market (cucumbers, especially). We didn’t take much from the 200′ garden – our goal was to give that all away. It’ll be great to meet you!

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