Posted by: beyonddinner | October 23, 2010

I’m back – and tomatillos!

It’s been a mighty long time, but it’s time to be back, and this time I’ll be joined in posting by my husband, Pat.  We do so much around food and growing things, that we want to start recording it again.

Today we went to our community garden plot, mostly to plant garlic (more than 50 cloves planted!), but we also decided to take out the tomatillo plants.  While we haven’t had a frost yet, it could come any day – so we thought we’d put these particular plants to bed.

At this garden we grew two tomatillo plants and they have been amazing producers.  I’ve made several pints of salsa fresca from them and eight pints of salsa verde already, so we were a little shocked that when we finished harvesting them we had this many:

We weighed the bowl – there’s 20 pounds of tomatillos in there!    It probably adds up to more than 600 fruits.  Gosh. It’s overwhelming!  So I took our largest pot and started to make up another batch of salsa verde.  I filled the pot, but it only just dented that enormous pile.  Looks like we have a few more batches ahead of us!

I used two habaneros in this batch as well as four or five serrano peppers from the garden.  Needless to say – it came out a little spicy!  I labeled them hot :-).

We also made some applesauce for the first time, using a foley food mill from my mother-in-law that my husband has fond memories using as a child to process apples from the apple tree in their yard.  No sugar added and it is a delicious, sweet, sauce.  We didn’t have very many apples on hand, so we are going to save the quart that we canned for Thanksgiving dinner this year.  Yum!!


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