Posted by: beyonddinner | November 28, 2010

Honey and candles

On our future farm I would love to have some bees.  Having some sweetener as part of our crops is very appealing to me.  Our future farm is several years away for us, but I got to have a little taste (!) of the bee keeping life this weekend when we picked up our honey share at the Reseka Apiaries warehouse.  The warehouse also contains all kinds of bee supplies – it was fun to see the hats, the extractors, the supers and everything.  Here’s Noah sporting bee-keeping fashion…

Here’s what we got in our share:

Six pounds of honey, two tapers, a pillar, and six votive candles –  I love that the CSA includes the candles as well.  We also purchased a jar of honey that has pollen mixed in.  Starting in January Pat and Noah will start taking a teaspoon a day – there’s some evidence that doing this will reduce the effects of spring allergies – from which both Pat and Noah suffer.  Sounds like a yummy experiment to try.  We’ll have to report back later.


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