Posted by: beyonddinner | January 10, 2011

Food preservation update

We had some good luck this year with food preservation – which is a relief, because last year we didn’t have very much success.  Take a look at all the different kinds of things we put up.

From left to right:  Pickled beets (6 quarts), red salsa (~6 pints), salsa verde (~20 pints (we gave away lots!)), tomatoes (4 quarts), pickled zucchini (~6 pints), peaches (4 quarts), strawberry jam (~12 pints, also have given away lots of this), ground cherry jam (1 pint), blackberry jam (2 pints), and frozen pesto (~4 pints).  We also made some refrigerator pickles and dried some thyme, oregano, sage and lavender.

We haven’t had a bad batch yet – so far it’s all delicious!  It really helps that we got produce from two gardens instead of one.  Last year we only had enough of green beans and cucumbers to can.  This year those crops didn’t do as well, so we didn’t end up canning any of those.  Next year I hope we see more tomatoes and pick more peaches.  Also, I’ve decided that you can’t have too much pesto – that stuff is awesome.  I think we have too many jars of salsa verde so we’ll have to cut back on our tomatillo plants.


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