Posted by: beyonddinner | August 30, 2009

update on our garden plot

It’s been a really busy summer and we’ve been busy doing so much that I haven’t had a chance to catch my breath and put up a post here.  I finally remembered to take the camera to the garden, so I have a few garden shots.

Here’s a shot showing the long dimension of the garden.  You can see the wall o’ beans on the left, the nice mulched path down the middle.  It’s amazingly green!

community garden plot, end of August

community garden plot, end of August

Here’s a picture of one of the smaller of our boxes – it’s 2ft by 4ft.  There’s a couple of squares of collard greens, basil, thyme, kale, chard, beets, and marigolds.  The kale is coming along pretty slowly, but the rest is doing great!

One square from the garden

One square from the garden

We are getting at least 4 grocery-sized bags of produce out of the garden every week.  We’ve had a couple of disappointments (cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers), but overall we are getting a lot out of this little bit of land.

Tonight for supper we had tomatoes, green onions, beets and greens, and mint, all from the garden.

Posted by: beyonddinner | July 23, 2009

The 200 foot garden lives!

Last Sunday we worked with about a dozen friends and volunteers to get our 200-foot garden in the ground.  It was a blast and we got great coverage in the Brookline Tab today!

Posted by: beyonddinner | July 15, 2009

progressive cities and food policy

I saw this item today about regional food policy in San Francisco.  I think it’s great that a large city is creating policy about access to healthy food for all economic classes, particularly in tough financial times.

Posted by: beyonddinner | July 9, 2009

naturally raised meats and fast food

When we lived in Denver, Pat and I used to live near, and eat frequently at, one of the first few Chipotle Mexican Grills.  We loved it and in subsequent moves to Kansas City and Champaign, Illinois we would often wish that a Chipotle would open up near us.  Eventually we learned that they entered into a partnership with McDonalds and that cooled our enthusiasm for them.  We wrote them off and found other places to get our burrito fix.

That is until now.  I saw this Nightline story about them that said their partnership with McDonalds ended in 2006 and that they are working hard to find sources of sustainably raised meat.  So far they have partnerships with more than 1000 farmers, including Joel Salatin and Polyface Farms.

So, finally a fast food restaurant where we can eat the meat!  We did just that tonight for dinner.  We took our son to a movie this afternoon and treated ourselves to dinner at Chipotle’s.  It was delicious!

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Local wild blackberries are ripe!  Two weekends ago we started picking berries at the community garden in the wild bramble at the edge of the property.  I just happened to walk by while admiring other gardens and noticed some ripe berries.  We also have a bramble at the end of our street.  This past weekend Pat went to both patches and was amazed at how many berries there were.  Look at his haul:

wild blackberries

wild blackberries

It amounted to about a half gallon.  They lasted two days in our house.   They were so amazing!

Posted by: beyonddinner | June 30, 2009

Gardening project approved!

My husband got the go ahead on our guerilla gardening project!  Yesterday we planted a bunch of seeds in cups to begin getting ready.  The strip of land will be getting a new fence by July 15th and then we are good to go with planting.  It’s a little late, but I think it will work out anyway.  My husband started a new blog on the project.

Posted by: beyonddinner | June 21, 2009

Grain and bean CSA

This week I learned about a grain and bean CSA – very cool!  Here’s what you get for about $300/year:

30lbs wheat (spring and winter hard wheat), 50lbs dried beans (10lbs White Canellini, Black Turtle, Red Kidney, Brown Boston, and Vermont Cranberry), 15lbs oats, rye, barley, and corn, and 5lbs flax and sunflower.

I’ve heard it’s sold out, but I’d really like to get on a waiting list for next year!  This would really close the loop for us to eat locally for most of the year.

Posted by: beyonddinner | June 21, 2009

Food, Inc.!

Last night Pat and I saw Food, Inc. at the Kendall Square Cinema.  I loved it!  There wasn’t a lot of new information for us, but I could see how it’s a good treatment of the complexities of the food system for people who aren’t as familiar with the issues.

Pat and I talked about it for about an hour afterwards while sipping some local beer at the Cambridge Brewing Company – very fitting to do!

We both felt that it would be great to do more to exercise our consumer power to affect the system.  We could write letters to our government officials more often since our government has swung to supporting corporate interests more than the citizens.  We could try to spend a certain amount every week at the farmer’s office.  We could also keep working towards keeping processed food out of our house.   Without a doubt we’ll be encouraging friends and family to see the movie.

Posted by: beyonddinner | June 16, 2009

update on the guerrilla garden idea

Early in the spring Pat had the great idea to start a garden along a strip of land with a chain link fence.  He did the right thing by trying to contact the property manager, but never heard back, despite several attempts.  We had almost given up on the idea, but we just learned that they have a new property manager, so Pat is trying again.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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more harvesting

We were back in the garden again this weekend and pulled out the following harvest (sorry for the poor photo!):

mid-June harvest

mid-June harvest

There’s a bag of lettuce, a bag of bok choy, some spinach, chard, and beet greens as well as radishes, green onions, and mint.  It was enough to fill a large grocery bag.  We also picked a couple of amazing strawberries, perfectly ripe.  Some day I’ll remember to bring the camera and take a picture of the garden.  It’s looking lovely!

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